Paradise Phuket

Paradise Phuket


“Don’t play with her!” I hissed at the boys as the smiling Thai hostess took out an innocuous looking Connect Four game set from under the bar. They stared at me quizzically; as if trying to tell me that it was just a game and that with our IQs combined we could easily beat a girl with more boobs than brains. I sighed inwardly. I guess some people preferred to learn things the hard way.

It took just three minutes into the game to realise we were losing. No matter what move we made, she skilfully countered it. Unable to accept impending defeat, the Mentalist decided to start up a separate game with another hostess. Another few minutes and two ladies drinks were added to our tab.

“One more game?” the young lady smiled sweetly at us, leaning from across the bar, cradling the free drink in her hand. The Virgin quickly stared at the bar’s TV screen, the Mentalist at his beer and me at her bulging cleavage.

“Maybe later.” I managed to choke out, before chugging down my beer, eager to finish so I could make my escape out of there.

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