Taiwan – Taipei City


Taiwan. A vacation that had been a lingering idea for a year. After much contemplation, my colleagues, Sharil and Tan L Y, and I finally decided and planned a 7 days trip.

It had been at the back of my mind ever since my army days…

I had part of my national service training in Taiwan. During my 3 weeks of exercise there, we had 4 days of R&R. ( Rest and Recuperation ) The R&R was at Taipei with visits to tourist hotspots and free time to do what we want. As a young man then, whom only just started to see the world, it was a new experience. The excitement and thrill of being somewhere different and new. The reason I wanted to go there again was that I came down with minor food poisoning then and had to stay in the hotel most of the time while everyone else was out enjoying themselves…

The Handsome Boys Gang
Sharil & Tan


Taking a flight with Jetstar Airlines, we were headed for CKS Airport in Taipei. ( Now known as Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ) It was a long 4 hours flight. PSP, sleep and idle chatter didn’t cover enough time and soon after, we were anxious and rearing to go!

When the plane landed, it was the usual procedure.

Queue up.

Smile at the custom officer so that the picture on my passport would match my real face.

Get passport stamped.

Try not to do anything stupid.
( Like ducking for cover when security pass by.)

Smile some more.

Get the luggage and find transportation to our hotel.

End of procedure.

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