Malaysia by Rail: Kajang

It was 1pm when the station master pulled out a whiteboard from his office and scribbled something onto it. He leaned back with a grim look on his face and walked back in without so much a glance at the hordes of people and luggage around him. A group of travelers immediately crowded around the whiteboard.

“1pm Train will be delayed. We expect departure to be at 2.15pm. KTMB* apologizes for any inconvenience caused.” And so the grumbling begins within the discontented crowd.

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Malaysia – Mount Ophir

Malaysia – Mount Ophir

Location : Asahan, Melaka, Malaysia

Height : 1276 meters

Obstacle : Mount Ophir ( a.k.a. Gunung Ledang )

Gunung Ledang

On 20 March 2009, Friday, my buddies and I decided to go on an adventure to Mount Ophir.
The group consisted of the usual four (me, Deen, Khairil, Ariffian) and another three ladies  ( Nur, Zur, Jing ) whom were Ariffian’s colleagues.

Anyway, why Mount Ophir? Someone suggested to go there and the rest of us being long time adventurers, just blindly agreed.
( I found out that 2 people from the group didn’t know what Mount Ophir was…I’m one of the 2…)
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