Angling in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia

My hands trembled in exhaustion as I struggled to bring up the monster I had hooked. Deep in its underwater lair, the creature thrashed and battled in desperation against the steel barb in its mouth. The taut line, capable of taking sixty pounds of pressure, is straining, threatening to snap at any time. Inch by inch, the creature is pulled up to the surface. Already, I could see it’s silvery scales gleaming under the glare of my headlamp.

Hoots of laughter and cheers filled the boat as my hour long battle seemed to draw to a close. I grinned, knowing I had it in the bag. Then, with a sudden burst of energy, the creature sped off back into the dark depths of the ocean. My reel screeched in protest, the rod bent to its limit. Then a loud crack as the line snapped, throwing me off balance onto the cabin window.

Cheers turned to groans of defeat. Joy turned to dejectedness. I slid the rod back into the holder and gazed into the depths of the ocean. I hardly noticed the burning sensation in my forearms as my frustration slowly turned into weariness. The monster of the deep had eluded me once again.

Fishing off the Coast of Indonesia

Every year, I head for the game rich waters of Indonesia to do battle with some of the ocean’s large predators. Great trevallies, leopard rays and massive groupers roam these waters providing an opportunity for anglers like me to test our skills.

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