Paradise Phuket

Paradise Phuket


“Don’t play with her!” I hissed at the boys as the smiling Thai hostess took out an innocuous looking Connect Four game set from under the bar. They stared at me quizzically; as if trying to tell me that it was just a game and that with our IQs combined we could easily beat a girl with more boobs than brains. I sighed inwardly. I guess some people preferred to learn things the hard way.

It took just three minutes into the game to realise we were losing. No matter what move we made, she skilfully countered it. Unable to accept impending defeat, the Mentalist decided to start up a separate game with another hostess. Another few minutes and two ladies drinks were added to our tab.

“One more game?” the young lady smiled sweetly at us, leaning from across the bar, cradling the free drink in her hand. The Virgin quickly stared at the bar’s TV screen, the Mentalist at his beer and me at her bulging cleavage.

“Maybe later.” I managed to choke out, before chugging down my beer, eager to finish so I could make my escape out of there.

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Backpacking Paris

Backpacking Paris

It was not insomnia that was keeping me awake. It was just that my bunk bed was shaking rather violently at intervals. It wasn’t some boogeyman or a werewolf under my bed. Rather, it wamaybe Virgin making out with a chick. In France, in the middle of FUCKIN Paris.

I wasn’t jealous. No, I wasn’t. How can you be jealous when your best friend hooks up with a cute chick in the most romantic city in the world? Nope, not even a shred of jealousy. I guess I said no too many times in the last few sentences, didn’t I?

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Angling in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia

My hands trembled in exhaustion as I struggled to bring up the monster I had hooked. Deep in its underwater lair, the creature thrashed and battled in desperation against the steel barb in its mouth. The taut line, capable of taking sixty pounds of pressure, is straining, threatening to snap at any time. Inch by inch, the creature is pulled up to the surface. Already, I could see it’s silvery scales gleaming under the glare of my headlamp.

Hoots of laughter and cheers filled the boat as my hour long battle seemed to draw to a close. I grinned, knowing I had it in the bag. Then, with a sudden burst of energy, the creature sped off back into the dark depths of the ocean. My reel screeched in protest, the rod bent to its limit. Then a loud crack as the line snapped, throwing me off balance onto the cabin window.

Cheers turned to groans of defeat. Joy turned to dejectedness. I slid the rod back into the holder and gazed into the depths of the ocean. I hardly noticed the burning sensation in my forearms as my frustration slowly turned into weariness. The monster of the deep had eluded me once again.

Fishing off the Coast of Indonesia

Every year, I head for the game rich waters of Indonesia to do battle with some of the ocean’s large predators. Great trevallies, leopard rays and massive groupers roam these waters providing an opportunity for anglers like me to test our skills.

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Malaysia by Rail: Kajang

It was 1pm when the station master pulled out a whiteboard from his office and scribbled something onto it. He leaned back with a grim look on his face and walked back in without so much a glance at the hordes of people and luggage around him. A group of travelers immediately crowded around the whiteboard.

“1pm Train will be delayed. We expect departure to be at 2.15pm. KTMB* apologizes for any inconvenience caused.” And so the grumbling begins within the discontented crowd.

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Go Kyoto!

“Hmm…I think that the Kansai airport is right in the middle of the sea so that if the plane crashes, no one on the ground will get hurt.” I spoke a tad too loudly over the roar of the jet turbine. On my left, my colleague gave me the evil eye.  I clammed up, dropped my guide book back into my bag and scrolled through the movie list on the Japan Airlines screen. Maybe some things are better left unsaid.

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Malaysia – Mount Ophir

Malaysia – Mount Ophir

Location : Asahan, Melaka, Malaysia

Height : 1276 meters

Obstacle : Mount Ophir ( a.k.a. Gunung Ledang )

Gunung Ledang

On 20 March 2009, Friday, my buddies and I decided to go on an adventure to Mount Ophir.
The group consisted of the usual four (me, Deen, Khairil, Ariffian) and another three ladies  ( Nur, Zur, Jing ) whom were Ariffian’s colleagues.

Anyway, why Mount Ophir? Someone suggested to go there and the rest of us being long time adventurers, just blindly agreed.
( I found out that 2 people from the group didn’t know what Mount Ophir was…I’m one of the 2…)
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Taiwan – Taipei City


Taiwan. A vacation that had been a lingering idea for a year. After much contemplation, my colleagues, Sharil and Tan L Y, and I finally decided and planned a 7 days trip.

It had been at the back of my mind ever since my army days…

I had part of my national service training in Taiwan. During my 3 weeks of exercise there, we had 4 days of R&R. ( Rest and Recuperation ) The R&R was at Taipei with visits to tourist hotspots and free time to do what we want. As a young man then, whom only just started to see the world, it was a new experience. The excitement and thrill of being somewhere different and new. The reason I wanted to go there again was that I came down with minor food poisoning then and had to stay in the hotel most of the time while everyone else was out enjoying themselves…

The Handsome Boys Gang
Sharil & Tan


Taking a flight with Jetstar Airlines, we were headed for CKS Airport in Taipei. ( Now known as Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ) It was a long 4 hours flight. PSP, sleep and idle chatter didn’t cover enough time and soon after, we were anxious and rearing to go!

When the plane landed, it was the usual procedure.

Queue up.

Smile at the custom officer so that the picture on my passport would match my real face.

Get passport stamped.

Try not to do anything stupid.
( Like ducking for cover when security pass by.)

Smile some more.

Get the luggage and find transportation to our hotel.

End of procedure.

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